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When you first arrive at our site, you will only be granted guest privileges. This means that every time you enter a chat room, you will be given a random nickname, such as "Guest".

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Unfortunately, guests are not allowed to chat, so the logical thing to do would be to register for free. All you need to do is choose a username and password and enter your email address for verification. Your username will become your nickname. After you have logged in, you can change it to any other name. This will be your free lifetime membership at VKcams. Once you login to your free account, you will have access to a variety of features. We only ask you to register, so we can keep a friendly community.

Yes, they are, all VKcams.

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Yes, you can. You can then enjoy our live models' performances anywhere you go as long as you have Internet connection.

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Even though Spy mode allows other members to view everything that happens during a private show, direct communication with the model is only reserved for the private chat participants.

The price of a private chat is 60 Tokens per minute. The full private chat is very similar to token do vk private chat mode — the main difference is that it provides full confidentiality and does not allow other members to view your interaction with the model. The cost of a full private chat is 90 tokens per minute. The price of Spy mode is 15 tokens per minute.

Note: The service ends automatically when you run out of tokens. Grupinis pokalbis — tai galimybė dviem ir daugiau vartotojų būti privačiame modelio pokalbių kambaryje. Visi grupinio pokalbio dalyviai gali bendrauti su token do vk.

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Modelis ir pats gali pradėti grupinį pokalbį. Toks pokalbio būdas kiekvienam jo dalyviui kainuoja 30 žetonų per minutę. Note: The group chat ends automatically when you run out of tokens.

Posted: January 27, at pm Tags: KaunasKrepšinisŽalgiris Nuo paskutinio įrašo praėjo beveik mėnesis, suprantat, sesija, bet tai jau praeityje. Viskas nusisekė geriau nei tikėjausi, vis dar neketinu mokėti už mokslą, bet čia kita tema.

The Tip feature is just a way for members to transfer tokens to token do vk model's account. Some members like to give tips after a private chat, while other members prefer to give tips to the model while she is in a public token do vk for simple personal requests or just to be nice.

Whether or how you use the Tip feature is entirely up to you. Tips are gifts, not bribes, so please do not send tips to demand something in return, that is not fair to the models. Premium Members can send private messages to the models any time. Simply click the model's name in the chat users list with your left mouse button, select Private Message, and a private message window vertimas iš anglų kalbos open with the selected model.

You can also click any member's name to send them private messages. Additionally, you can use our Message Centre feature to send longer private messages to models and members. Feel free to use whichever method you enjoy more. Premium members can turn on their own webcam any time token do vk show it to models or other members, absolutely for free.

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Just click the Start Your Webcam link in the top-right corner of the website to start your webcam. Our simple goal here is to have as few rules as possible. We want members and models to have fun, token do vk themselves, and not worry about arbitrary rules. We provide powerful tools to both models and members so that no-one has to interact with someone they do not like.

Models have full control over their chat rooms and can kick anyone out for any reason.

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They can also block members they do not like for any reason. If you do not want to be on the models' black list, do not ask them to do anything via Skype, telephone, messaging apps, or any other way of communication.

Token do vk have access to the Ignore List and can easily ignore any member or model. We only require that our Members do not do anything illegal or overly disruptive within our community as a whole. Here are some examples: Please do not do anything illegal. Please do not post inappropriate or pornographic links or images this token do vk not a porn site.

Please do not use degrading, inflammatory, or racist language. Please do not intentionally disrupt chat rooms e.

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Please do not intentionally annoy other members or models. Please do not post personal or private information about other models or members. Please do not create usernames with the purpose of impersonating or harassing members, models, or administrators. Please do not claim to be a moderator, administrator, or any other token do vk of this website.

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It is helpful to remember that there are real people on this website and if you do not usually do or say something to someone at a restaurant or bar, why would you do it here? We also suggest you to get acquainted with our Taisyklės ir naudojimosi sąlygos.

Dažnai sakoma, kad ne taip sunku ką nors padaryti, kaip sunku prisiruošti. Rengiantis į kelionę, pirmiausiai tenka gerokai pasukti galvą dėl maršruto: pasirinkti mus dominantį kraštą, nusipirkti ir išsistudijuoti jo žemėlapius, susižinoti, ką įdomaus ten bus galima pamatyti, išsiaiškinti, kaip ten geriausia nuvykti ir t.

Kick them out! On this website, we allow for a great deal of freedom and expression. Site and Rules

This is a place where models and members can be themselves. Unlike other sites, we do not impose restrictions on speech or behaviour, and we do not force the models to act in a certain way to please the members or the other way around.

Indexed by search robots Easy Installation After installing the plugin just name your chat. Chat can be easily configured with visual chat constructor tool. You can change color scheme, size, initial state, etc. Link with Telegram Add chatbrobot to your Telegram chat or channel.

It would make this site phony and boring. Above all, it is important to remember that behind the keyboard there are genuine people, with genuine emotions, moods, fears, etc. Frequently Asked Questions

People have bad days, a few too many drinks, miscommunications especially onlineand some people are just nicer than others.

We are NOT here to play a school teacher. We encourage you to use the Ignore feature to ignore anyone that you do not want to interact with.

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Where is she? Models on our site do not have to work on a schedule, so they generally come and go as they please. We do not know why certain models are not online nor when they will be back. Can I get a refund? If you were token do vk with the model's performance in the private chat or had some kind of technical issues, please contact our customer support at support webcamsupport.

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Before asking for a refund, keep in mind that models are not obliged to fulfil all your requests. What do I do? If you experience ANY problems at all with our site, please do not hesitate to contact us right away.

Can someone explain this and how this embedded data is haunting me?

We are around nearly 24 hours a day and will help you with your issue instantly! Live support:  support webcamsupport. What is a token? The only things that cost money on our site are tokens used for private, group, and spy shows as well token do vk tips.

Remember that premium membership on our site is absolutely free and granted to your account automatically token do vk your first token purchase.

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You keep your premium membership forever even if you never purchase tokens again. You can purchase tokens in various ways. We try to build in a discount for larger purchases. Here are the current token prices and payment methods that we offer: Mokėjimas SMS 16 žetonai -ų už You can also initiate or join a group show or send the model a tip.

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Private shows cost 60 token do vk per token do vk. That means that if you want to stay in private for 5 minutes, you will need tokens. Voyeur shows cost one-fourth of a private show, or 15 tokens per minute. That means that if the model is in private for 5 minutes and you are spying on her show the whole time, it will cost you 75 tokens. Always and only pay on our payment page.

Kas yra Slapukai?

Otherwise, your account may be blocked. Tu tiksi novirzīts uz drošu lapu, lai veiktu savu maksājumu. It is an incorrect action and can result in your account being blocked. If you have problems or questions regarding payment with token do vk credit card, contact our customer support: support webcamsupport. Payment via SMS You can load your account  here. Choose the suitable package and country if it is displayed incorrectly.

If the list does not include your operator or region, you cannot load your account via SMS at that moment.

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